Experts in export incentives


Exportise provides a range of services to Australian exporters. These services include providing professional advice and consulting services on Export Market Development Grants, and general export advice to businesses looking to enter export markets or to existing exporters wishing to improve their export performance.

Our aim is to ensure that by using our services, businesses will be able to improve their export performance.


The Export Market Development Grants Scheme (EMDG) effectively provides for reimbursement at the rate of 50% of certain eligible expenditure in the promotion of Australian goods, services, intellectual property rights and know-how. For the 2010-11 grant year the Scheme has a funding limit of $150m. To enable this limit to be met, small grants will be paid in full once the claim has been assessed. Larger claims will receive payment at the time of determination; however the remainder of their claim will go into a pool which will be distributed at the end of the grant year on a pro-rata basis. This may result in the second payment being less than what was initially determined by Austrade. The definition of what is considered a small or large claim varies from year to year depending on the expected number of applicants and the funding available for the year.

Our ability through dealing with the Scheme, the legislation, Austrade's changing policy guidelines, the effect of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions, and the attitude and investigation methods of Austrade, enables us to provide a service to clients which they, in dealing with the Scheme on a once a year basis, are unable to achieve themselves. Our consultancy advice and service includes:

  • Advice on the use of the EMDG Scheme in relation to the formation and establishment of a company's overall and ongoing marketing program;
  • The introduction of systems to record expenditure as it is incurred so that claims are maximised;
  • Review of operations to ensure claimable expenditure is maximised;
  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of claims and necessary supporting documentation;
  • Organisation of the audit of claims as soon as possible after submission;
  • Attendance at the audit;
  • Assistance with clarification and finalisation of any matters requiring progress subsequent to the audit;
  • Assistance with appeals against unsatisfactory determinations issued by Austrade.

Our fees for these services are structured so as to encourage our clients to maintain contact with our organisation throughout the year and to give us an incentive to do the best for our clients.

  • Click here to download the "EMDG Summary" pdf document.